Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

A lot of our kids are getting what I call Auntie foods or anti nutrients in that when you’re getting things like fruit juice, even if it’s organic fruit juice, the exception might be homemade fresh pressed like carrot, Apple kind of juices. But when you’re getting any bottled juices are even some of the fresh pressed organic juices that come in, in packages that we can so readily buy now. Those tend to fill up our kids and they may give our kids a little bit of vitamin C, some antioxidant benefit, but they’re filling our kids up from getting other foods so they drink a juice, they’re not as hungry and then they’re getting a limited number of nutrients. And also sugar even in fresh juice acts as an anti nutrient to the immune system. So sugar suppresses the immune system. If your kids are getting sugar, you know added sugar in their diet that’s a major immune systems are present. And not only do artificial ingredients in our food systems


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