Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

I usually recommend sticking with the probiotic for about three months after the antibiotic has been completed just to really get that gut flora bolstered up and you can get good lacto fermented foods in the diet as well. So just as a quick reminder, I mean, this podcast and the associated blogs really have everything in them that you need to prevent and treat children’s ear infections and know when more help is needed. But if you want to take a deeper dive into making your own natural remedies, hearing me talk with you about strep and belly aches and all kinds of other common things that kids experience. And if you just want to learn how to build your child’s immunity and resilience so that you don’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals pretty much ever. My course healthy all year, which you can find at healthiest kids calm is available, it’s affordable. And honestly, it’s like hours and hours and hours. So by the end of it, you might even get bored.

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