Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

infection This is for treatment, not prevention. The garlic lemonade if you have a child who gets you know, as my mom used to say colds every Monday and Thursday if they get a lot of ear infections, you can make the garlic lemonade a regular beverage just you know go easy on the honey because you don’t want them to have too much sweet but a cup of that a day is great prevention. The garlic melon earache oil can be used two to three times a day. The caveat is that you should never put it into a child’s ear or put anything into a child’s ear. If there’s any drainage or if you think the eardrum has ruptured. One way to know that a child’s eardrum has ruptured is that they scream really loudly and then the pain goes away because the pressure has been relieved. Or there’s stuff coming out of the ear. There’s fluid or pus coming out of the ear or you go to the doctor’s office and they do an ear exam with an otoscope and they can see that it’s been ruptured. In that case, never put anything in the ear. One last or a couple of remedies


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