Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Seven drops of the olive oil even for little tiny children, it’s more like three or four drops. And you have your child lay on his or her side with the ear that’s bothering them up. So the the not infected ear is down the infected ears up and you pull their ear lobe back slightly. And you just drop the droppers right and they might hear some ear bubbles, you know, like little water bubbles, you just let them know. And at first, they might be averse to it because their ear hurts and they’re a little scared but it doesn’t hurt to do the application. It’s amazing for middle ear infections for otitis media and for the pain as well. I actually like to I light a match and then I run the dropper if it’s a glass dropper through the match, like super quick swipe right through because it warms it up a little bit and then I just test one drop on the back of my wrist to make sure it’s not too hot because the warmer oil feels better. You can also just leave the jar at room temperature. You know the dropper bottle at room temperature during the time that your child has the


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