Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Can’t use honey because of botulism. So you use maple syrup. And you can give it warm and give as much as your child will drink. So you can give a couple of cups a day to an older child. My kids loved it. So I don’t know if my kids were just weird, quirky homeschooler kids or, you know, they started having it when they were really little, but they used to ask for it as a beverage like Mike it’s a mom can we make some garlic honey lemonade. So um, you know, get if your kid is having ear infections, they’re young enough, they might just really like it an older kid, it might be an acquired taste. And then the ginger if you’re gonna do ginger instead of garlic, great up about a tablespoon of fresh ginger and you can either put the ginger right into the mason jar, or you can take the ginger in the palm of your hand and squeeze the juice into the mason jar and that kind of extracts the juice and then you don’t even have to strain it out. My other favourite remedy is something that you apply into the ear and that’s garlic melon earache oil. Now, there


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