Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Environmental chemicals that our kids are getting exposed to, from before they’re even born, actually alter the functioning of immune cells. So we definitely want to think about reducing kids environmental exposures as much as possible, which I talked about in articles over on my website, and I’ll talk about in upcoming podcast episodes. Other factors are lower than optimal nutrition, which you might be thinking, Well, I mean, we live in the United States, or maybe you’re listening from another country like Canada or the UK, where we think kids don’t have malnutrition. And it’s true. Our kids are not experiencing malnutrition at the rates of children living in developing countries or countries with really poor resources. But the fact is, most kids, at least in the US, and most developing countries are nutritionally insufficient. It doesn’t mean they have necessarily Frank nutritional deficiencies like berry berry, from vitamin D deficiency.


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