Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

herbs make some formulas. Other companies make some great formulas that contain camera meal, lemon balm, catnip, fennel. These herbs have been traditionally given for fever aches, discomfort and to help children sleep. for babies, the dose is about a quarter teaspoon. For Children two to six years old, about a half a teaspoon. And older children can even take up to a teaspoon of time and I usually give it anywhere from a couple of times a day to every four hours. And you can get all of these on Amazon and you can also go to mountain rose herbs and get your own individual herbs and mix them in blends for kids. I like the glycerides glycerin is a form of alcohol but it tastes more like a syrupy sugar and it doesn’t give you any of the you could drink glycerin all day long and you’d never get a buzz or any alcoholic effects from it but it technically chemically it’s an alcohol, but it tastes really sweet and the herbs that I mentioned extract really well in it.


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