Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Giving things like Tylenol. And ibuprofen is they bring the fever down just a little bit. They don’t do that big a job, but they can bring it down enough so that it’s out of the range that your body is actually your child’s body is actually trying to get to, to fight the viral or bacterial infection. So they’re the herbs that you can use are more calming and relaxing. They don’t touch the fever that much, but can help your child get better sleep and feel less pain and more more comfort. One of my favourite formulas is a children’s compound sold by herb farm, I do actually represent that company. So you know, in full disclosure, I want to say that I don’t get any money from you buying that particular product, but I’m a consultant for herb farm. But it’s the product that I used for my kids when they were little, and I’ll put the link the name of it’s actually changed that used to be children’s herbal compound, and I’m actually forgetting the current name of it, but I’ll put that link below for you, but any really fantastic children’s formula guide


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