Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

aroma therapy effect or just use your fingers, and then gently but firmly in a downward direction, in that soft area in front of the ear, and then downward toward the behind the lobe and then behind the ear in that soft area and downward toward the lobe. And then behind the lobe and down kind of in the direction of the shoulder, but just on the neck. Keep massaging there, it may be uncomfortable at first, if it’s very painful for your child, don’t do it, adjust the amount of pressure you’re giving, but really just help bring circulation and fluid movement to that area behind the ear. The next thing you can do is give herbal support for your child for fever, aches, discomfort, now, check out my podcast, and my blog on who’s afraid of fever because that’s a whole other piece that we’re not going to talk about right now other than to say, fever is almost always your child’s friend and so another disadvantage


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