Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

To me from other doctors who have been getting antibiotics consecutively or often on for as long as 18 months in a row, what’s happening is that one, they’re getting antibiotics for what probably started out as viral ear infections, then they’re getting antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, or they’re just getting the wrong treatment all along and just never getting rid of the problem. Also, nobody’s ever getting to the root causes, which are the things that we talked about earlier for prevention, so environmental exposures, juice, low nutrition, etc. So, if your child does have symptoms of an ear infection, and they don’t meet the criteria that I shared with you for getting into the doctor’s office, or meeting the criteria for an antibiotic, or even if you do need to go to the doctor’s office because you just need reassurance and a double check, and antibiotics are not need to, here’s what you can do. First basic comfort measure super simple, old school.


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