Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

library of questions that I answered over the first 18 months of that course after it was born. All right, so let’s let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about what an acute ear infection is. Acute otitis media refers to those typical painful ear infections kids get with fevers and upper respiratory infections, and that’s what I’m gonna focus on the treatment for. In the rest of this article. I have a separate blog over on my website on what to do for kids who just have fluid in their ears, but when the fluid is not infected, so we’re talking about actual infection today.
Acute otitis media can range from very mild to severely painful, and in even in the least case scenario, it usually makes babies and kids fussy and irritable but it can cause them to have just like outrageous, screaming pain, too. I’ve gotten calls from moms that you know, two in the morning with a toddler, just wailing in the background.


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