Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Kids are experiencing all kinds of social pressures, bullying, work pressures and home life stressors. So you know, addressing whether there’s some stress going on in your child’s environment at school is really important. And then also making sure that they’re getting enough sleep because sleep is such a critical aspect of a healthy immune system. You can teach children, meditation, yoga and stress reduction practices at a really young age. Sometimes I feel like we’re so busy teaching kids about, you know, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, which is really not helpful information, and not even socially, really acceptable information, in my opinion, given the history of our country, that’s an aside but it’s not changing their life. We’re teaching meditation and stress management can hugely change a child’s life. So keep that in mind. All right, so let’s switch gears now to not just prevention of ear infection but treatment of ear infection.


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