Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

But it has been shown in studies to be effective. And then the last two of the six quick tips for prevention are avoiding environmental exposure to smoke. So tobacco smoke, and wood smoke and interestingly, even third hand smoke. So tobacco residue on a caregivers clothing can dramatically increase your risk of getting ear infections. You’d be amazed at how many in home daycare providers and even in daycare centres, the providers are going out and having a cigarette or several cigarettes over the course of a day. So you might be doing everything right, quote unquote, right at home and your toddler is getting ear infections and you have no idea why it could actually be that your child is getting third hand smoke exposure through residues off of someone’s clothing. So don’t don’t diminish that as a possibility. And then the last thing for prevention is actually stress. Even little kids can experience stress and school age.


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