Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

It means getting really creative giving kids veggies in lots of different ways raw cooked, you know, hidden in smoothies buried into, you know, all kinds of different choices that you can bury greens blended up and other vegetables blended up. And then fruits are really healthy. I mean fruit has been kind of vilified in sort of the modern fad way of eating, but even Paleo Diet tends to be really restrictive about fruit. But fruits can be really, really helpful for kids and can provide a lot of different nutrients that they might not be getting from their vegetables. So with kids, I’m fairly liberal with fruit as long as they’re not only eating fruit and not getting their other nutrients that they need. And then just you know, completely avoiding processed and junk foods and heavily processed natural foods too. Like you might have heard the term frankenfoods so things like soy bacon or you know, fake chicken nuggets made of soy things that


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