Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Now I know I’m a mom to feeding kids well, and getting them to eat well, are two totally different things. You know, it’s like the leading the horse to water and getting into drink phenomenon, kids can be picky. And kids also get more than just we give them whether it’s school or friends houses or birthday parties and so on. So we’ve just got to do our best to provide them with healthy options. And kind of the way I always looked at it was home was where the health was. And you know, we know that restriction, whether it’s for adults or kids tend to make people get first of all secretive about foods and also binge. So rather than making things forbidden fruits, kind of setting some boundaries and say, you know, these are the kinds of foods we eat at home and 90% of the food would be food you would then be preparing and providing with greater flexibility for when kids eat out. Obviously if your child is gluten intolerant or has celiac or other food allergies are in


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