Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

In the fall, or maybe you make some juice ice pops, you know, in the summer, but it’s not a regular part of the diet. It’s not a beverage. So and the same with milk in my opinion. Once kids are beyond breastfeeding milk is not an optimal part of the diet. 50% of kids who have constipation when you take dairy out of their diet, the constipation goes away. In my opinion, water, gentle herbal teas. Those are the best beverages for kids and no soda either ever soda is never a part of anybody’s healthy diet. The fourth tip for prevention is to use nutrition to bolster immunity. So not just you’re not just avoiding things, but you want to think about what fosters and nourishes a healthy optimal immune system function. The immune system requires very specific nutritional building blocks, and those include protein, good quality, fat, and plenty of


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