Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

But if you are going to Formula feed your baby using an organic milk source, consider goat milk. If your baby does get ear infections and you’re doing formula, or if you need to do formula consider a non allergenic formula that can be helpful. The third tip is to avoid juice and dairy. So whether your child is still in that breastfeeding age or beyond, kids who drink a lot of juice and dairy products get more ear infections. First of all, they encourage the production of a lot of mucus in the upper respiratory system. And as I mentioned earlier, sugar which you have sugar in both milk, which is lactose and in juice, does depress the immune function, and that can further exacerbate the problem. So in my opinion, frankly, juice is never a healthy part of children’s diets with the exception of maybe seasonally and for a tree you’re adding in some carrot apples


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