Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

are eight it’s usually 400 units a day. And then for kids a an over, it’s usually about 800 units a day. And then for teenagers, more like 2000 units a day. Now for the second thing you can do to prevent ear infections is if your baby is still young and you’re breastfeeding, or if you’re pregnant, I really should say and you’re and you’re having a baby, you know, kind of be prepared ahead of time that breastfed babies are at least half as likely, as formula fed babies to get ear infections. So optimally, if you can breastfeed through age one

that is really, really helpful for supporting optimal immunity. It doesn’t mean you have to exclusively breastfeed to age one if you can optimally exclusively breastfeed for about the first six months, and then you can start letting healthy foods creep into the diet if your baby’s interested and wants to or you can exclusively breastfeed for


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