Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Dairy and sugar completely 100% at the first sign of a cold juice we dairy sugar out of the diet and I keep it out of the diet for at least a few days and and usually till the end of the cold symptoms and that’s when I start using herbs to bolster immunity and fight infection and my favourite natural remedies for kids are garlic lemon honey tea which I’m going to teach you how to make in just a little bit. Or for kids under one year old you can still use this remedy but you use maple syrup instead of honey, elderberry syrup and akinesia blend if you especially during flu season, and then age appropriate doses of zinc and vitamin D and you’re going to see a link below this podcast. One for zinc and one for vitamin D for the Office of dietary supplements and you’ll just go to those pages and they’ll give you the age appropriate doses for zinc for vitamin D for kids.


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