Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

To prevent a potential secondary bacterial infection, that’s the wrong use of an antibiotic. So that should prick your ears up if you hear a doctor saying that, that that doctor is not on the right track with their or up to date on their antibiotic prescribing knowledge not when it comes to kids ear infections and viral ear infections. So, cold viruses and then also if there are bacteria, they just kind of migrate there because those eustachian tubes connect the throat and the sinuses and the and the ear. So if your child starts to develop a cold and especially if he or she is prone to ear infections, you want to just not let that cold progress you want to try to head it off at the past with good nutrition, herbs and supplements for colds and everything I’m talking about in the podcast today. For ear infections can also help with with colds. The first thing I always do is take out all juice, wheat and


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