Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

You know, I’ve brought over 100, paediatrician and other paediatric practitioners through a professional training programme and they’re thrilled when they have the information that they can use that they can rely on. You know, you can tell your family doctor, paediatrician, that’s treating your child Look, I’ll put it in writing, that I’d rather take a wait and see approach so that they feel a little bit less fearful of the responsibility. And, you know, let them know that you’ve done your homework. So they if they know they only have 15 minutes to sit with you, you can say, Look, I’ve got the resources. I’d like to try this, can we check in in 24 hours, if anything gets worse, I’ll go ahead and do the antibiotic or you know, bring a little Sarah or little Noah back in to see you. And if it’s getting better, I’ll let you know so that you have a reasonable plan that they can feel comfortable with. Okay, so jumping back to the six Surefire tips for prevention. One of these number one is just nipping colds in the bud.


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