Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

That you can actually sit there and in five minutes or less open up with the paediatrician or the family doctor and go right to the section for physicians that’s recommended. And they can walk through that with you and say, Look based on these really firm criteria, your child does or doesn’t need an antibiotic or right now, or we can watch and wait and we’ll talk more about that. But CDC get smart. That’s all you should do. Look it up. CDC gets smart, it’ll take you in your family doctor or paediatrician or naturopath, whoever it is right over to the physician section or you can look it up for yourself. Then you can be knowledgeable about the alternatives yourself, which I’m going to talk with you about today. And you can even print out the articles there are some links to the articles that accompany this podcast below. print them out, and bring them to your paediatrician or family doctor because your child’s doctor can actually look up the evidence for these and there are lots of references at the end. So that can be reassuring to your family doctor or paediatrician


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