Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

recommend them, and the child still has some kind of a bad outcome, they’re going to get sued. Which brings us to the fourth big reason that antibiotics get over prescribed is that doctors are afraid to get sued. So you’ve got parents asking for them, doctors who are afraid not to give them because if the alternatives don’t work, they’re going to be responsible. And it’s not just getting sued, but it’s you know, having something happening to a child on your conscience that really is upsetting to lack of time for explaining alternatives and lack of knowledge of what those alternatives are. And those four things are the biggest recipes for why paediatricians and family doctors and others are over prescribing antibiotics. So where you can come into this is one, let your physician know that you’d really rather not do the antibiotic unless it’s necessary to you know about this site called CDC get smart, which I’m going to tell you about


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