Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

practising paediatrician, but when she was in her paediatric residency at Harvard, and she has a Master’s in Public Health, so she should have been educated on antibiotic overprescribing. She shared with me one that she was barely educated on it. And two, when she was in a busy emergency room or in her clinic, seeing, you know, 35 kids a day she had 15 minutes to evaluate what was going on reassure the parents and make a recommendation. And she didn’t have time to sit down with most parents and explain that they didn’t need an antibiotic. She said it was really a lot quicker just to write the prescription. But that also brings us to the next reason that antibiotics are over prescribed. So so far, we’ve got parents wanting them to doctors not having time to give alternative explanations. Three is that most doctors are not trained in what those alternative explanations are. I happen to be the author of the


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