Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

But up to 70% are unnecessary and despite efforts over 20 years to get physicians to reduce their antibiotic prescribing practices for kids with ear infections, it’s only budged a small amount. And so before I get into the Surefire reasons, you know, kind of share with you some of what the reasons are that antibiotics get over prescribed and what we can do about that. One is that there’s a huge expectation on the part of paediatricians and family doctors and other physicians who treat kids that parents want the antibiotic and in fact, a lot of parents will come in and ask for an antibiotic or call me for a prescription for an antibiotic. And it takes a lot of work to educate parents that you don’t need to give an antibiotic for an ear infection. And that begets Another problem is that most physicians don’t have the time to give the explanation. So my daughter in law for example, she’s a


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