Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

conundrum. Well, here are six of the Surefire tips that I use in my medical practice for preventing ear infections. And in full disclosure, I can say I have raised four kids, my youngest is 23. And my oldest is 32, at the time of this podcast, and I never once use an antibiotic for ear infections in my kids or for anything, actually, when they were kids, my first kid to ever have an antibiotic was a topical one. And that was when he was 18. And in college, he got injured in a in a dissection lab, in a science class and in his first year of college, your second year of college, I’m not antibiotic oppose. There are times when I do recommend antibiotics in my medical practice, but we have to really, really pay attention to when we’re prescribing and the reality is, is that 70% of antibiotics for ear infections and kids are probably unnecessary. The CDC suggests that at least 45% are unnecessary.


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