Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Gentle are cleaning products out there on the market. And, you know, as you’re listening, you might be thinking Well, yeah, I mean, that’s fine for Dr. Aviva to say, but these things are really expensive. I want to say a few things about that one. I raised four kids on a school teacher home birth midwife budget, and this was before home birth midwife was popular and bringing in the big bucks, I promise you. And we really were able to do it. I mean, this can be done on a very modest budget. And the other thing is that when you really look at the mathematics of this and these kind of mathematics, these kind of economics are done, this data can be found or figured out. When you look at the cost of kids getting sick. It really is a pay now or pay later situation. Again, it doesn’t have to be more expensive. But when you start thinking about things like organics versus non organics and the slight few dollar differences here or there, compared to


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