Natural remedies for anxiety

I’ll talk about something a little more profound in a second.

But the first thing that ever really helped me was going to a therapist, not a psychiatrist where they’re just throwing medications at you, but an actual just counsellor therapist who sits there and talks to you.

And the first realisation which was a very powerful one for me at the time, was that a lot of people have this condition.

They A lot of people have anxiety.

A lot of people have depression.

A lot of people my age, a lot of kids and peers my age like 1718 years old.

I remember going to the therapist and she tells me something like you’d be shocked at The people, the amount of people that come into my office, and which people they are because you look at people and you see, you know, like, the coolest kids are the most popular kids and the most, you know, all these people that you see from the outside have such a great life and the grass is always greener, those are some of the most depressed and anxious people you’ll ever find.

And, and she’s just

the fact that

this is such a common thing.

Like, you know, the stats are a little different, but about 20% of people actually have this.

So you look around in a classroom full of kids that, you know, at the time I was in this, like 567 kids in that class that have the same exact problem that I do.

And it’s like, I thought I was going crazy.

I thought I actually had schizophrenia.

I mentioned that in one of the chapters on reading magazine about the schizophrenia symptoms.

A couple days after smoking that weed and I’m like, holy shit, dude, I’m fine.

check this box, check this off.

Like I think I’m going crazy and like I don’t know what’s going on.

But then she kind of like calms me down by saying what you’re going through right now.

You you made a mistake, you know, smoking that weed or whatever you messed up.

But what you’re facing right now isn’t something, you know, out of the norm, it’s actually very common.

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