Natural remedies for anxiety

I’ve had some people on my podcast talk about like psychedelics, they’ve told me that weed is like considered a mild psychedelic, depending on the kind of dose.

And so, I mean, whatever whether it was later it wasn’t.

I mean, it sounds like it probably was but I’ve also heard some people say like, you know, they started to smoke weed and they start to get panic attacks to like, they’re like, maybe they’re doing it too much.

So there’s definitely a correlation between that for sure.

But I mean, like, yeah, I mean, you shouldn’t do drugs.

You should especially not ones off the street.

Yeah, they can, you know, if you get something laced or even not, it can Yeah, it can mess your brain up.

So, yeah, it’s super interesting.

Yeah, no, sir.

It’s a lot better nowadays.

We got the dispensaries and everything.

And they’ve decriminalised A lot of it and I’m not anti marijuana because it does have a decent amount of medicinal benefits.

I don’t think it’s secure all that some people claim it is but I think it does have some decent benefits overall, and especially the CBD side of it.

But um, you know, back in the day, man, you just get enough any bum off the street or, you know, any friend that you could find who could smuggle that stuff in.

It wasn’t safe at all.

And even today, if you’re doing it that way, you know, you got to be careful.

Yeah, for sure.

So I’m curious like when you were kind of like when you set on this mission, and you’re just trying to get into this, like that hole that you kind of described yourself and now looking back at it was there like a key was like a key element that that you kind of did.

And it worked.

So like for me on my journey, when I was kind of doing this, I had no idea what I was doing.

The first key for me was learning about food and nutrition and understanding that side of it.

Did you have any sort of like beginning elements where you were beginning to see like a lot of changes in yourself and what you’re doing to get those changes?

Yeah, there was a couple big ones.

The first this is gonna seem really small.

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