Natural remedies for anxiety

I think it was laced with something and I did a little bit reading And in the book I mentioned, it’s probably something like PCP because that’s kind of the effects it has if it’s if it’s laced with something like that.

But either way that was and I end up, you know, just kind of like passing out after that and woke up hours later.

And that was the trigger for a lot of the anxiety.

Like we talked about before, I was getting a lot of anxiety and panic attacks.

I didn’t have a panic attack until the next day, like the first panic attack ever had in my life came the very next day after that experience, and it lasted, you know, months afterwards, but that was kind of the trigger for all of it.

But coming out of that, you know, that was that was a game changer.

For me.

That was the catalyst for going down this whole, like shithole that I had to face for the next year.

That was really the thing that pushed me into it all.

But at the end of the day, I look back at it now as a blessing in disguise.

That whole thing was, like the worst experience of my life.

But at the same time, it ended up being one of the best because it pushed me into this path and I’m on today.

them and that’s crazy, dude.

It’s so crazy.

I think It’s so interesting because like,

you know, when you were telling me that story, first off, I thought the ketchup was like your blood and you like bleeding.

Yeah, that’s the first place my mom went to, but but I also went to, like, I know that, like, read affects different people differently.

I had a friend of mine in college that, like got so high he kind of like was this band to describe what you were talking about a feeling like this out of body experience.

And, and like from my understanding.

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