Natural remedies for anxiety

I’m going up the stairs and it’s like, it’s like the movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street takes me like an hour to get up the stairs.

And I’m like falling over and I can’t like get up my car trying to pull my It was like literally a scene out of that movie.

Finally Get up the stairs, I go to my kitchen, or my mother’s kitchen and like I go to grab some like juice some orange juice out of the thing out of the fridge.

I pour myself a glass.

And then like I’m pulling the glass I looked down, take a sip and next thing you know, it’s covered in like red.

And I look around there’s like red everywhere.

It was actually ketchup.

I thought it was orange juice the whole time.

And it was literally cut and there was ketchup all over the kitchen.

And then Dude, I’m like freaking out and like having a just like having a meltdown.

And I finally just like trying to take a seat I go to take a seat on the couch.

And then the next thing you know, I come out of my body and I’m having like a out of body experience.

I see myself I’m floating on my body.

I’m looking down at myself.

And that’s the scariest moment of my entire life.

Like bar none.

That was the single scariest moment in my life, seeing myself floating out of my body.

Now, looking back on it now.

I don’t think it was regular marijuana.

I don’t think it’s regular weed.

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