Natural remedies for anxiety


the story that chapter is all about,

again, getting in trouble in school and cutting classes off in one day I cut class with a buddy of mine wasn’t even really a friend of mine.

But I go and grab some weed and pick it up off of like my brother’s friend and we go to my mother’s house at the time who was a flight attendant, she was always open the house is always open.

So we go there.

We start smoking, um, you know, trying to be cool and you know, cool in front of my friend and I end up taking the The weed that we had it was like a bag of whatever haze or some crap and we start smoking it and you know to try to be like a show off I grab it and like basically smoke the whole thing and he smokes a tiny bit of it, and I smoked the whole thing to my face.

And then like the next thing you know, I start like hallucinating and I’m seeing like weird shit going on.

And I start seeing like threes of everything.

So I like look at him.

And I see like his face like twice on each side and in his face in the middle and like I go and walk up and grab the doorknob and there’s three, there’s three doorknobs to grab.

It was like, everything I was seeing was like three and I’m like hallucinating and like starting to freak out obviously like bugging out and having a bad trip.

I’m going up the stairs and you ever see that scene out of Wolf of Wall Street, where he’s like trying to get up this he takes like the quail ludes and it takes away I think it might have been going down and whatever up or down.

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