Natural remedies for anxiety

I love how you, you know frame it in the lens of hope.

And this is something that’s so important because, you know, I heard I heard Mark Manson say the opposite Happiness is not unhappiness, the opposite of happiness is hopelessness.

And so when you look at it from that way, and you know i’ve i’ve been in that state before for maybe like a month of my life and kind of falling in that serious depression, and it really kind of does like it just completely changes the way that your mind thinks, how thinks about the future, you think there is no future and what I’ve learned is that when you feel like tomorrow can’t get better than this today, which is which is hope.

Then you do stuff that you would normally never do from like violent things like killing people blowing yourself up to killing yourself and so that’s like a critical thing and I’m curious You know, I’m looking through your book and you talk about kind of this part one you break the book down part one you’re talking about like your like what you just said in your suicidal depression, you’re talking about your panic attacks.

I’m curious to know more you have a chapter for called smoking myself crazy.

What is that?

That’s a that’s funny, it’s a good it’s a good chapter it’s a good story.

So that that’s that chapter is all about this day I go cut school you make a good point too, by the way of doing things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do and you know, a right state of mind a healthy state of mind you would never do some of the things that I mentioned in the book, I was doing a lot of stupid shit I was committing like petty crimes and you know, ripping people off and just being a scumbag for like, a couple of years of my life where that wasn’t who I really was.

But I was like acting out because I had this problem going on.

And I think a lot of people do that.

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