Natural remedies for anxiety

And so, it was like seven or eight chapters at the, you know, last section of the book that talked about different ways of doing that and, like you mentioned, is the self image and cultivating that and it’s all about going into it gym taking care of yourself eating healthy, even having like a you know better dress and body language and, and, you know shaving and like those types of things that you don’t really think about you overlook on a day to day basis, but the little things can add up over time make you feel better about yourself for sure.

There’s also a section in there about using things like NLP, which you know, just little Simple NLP techniques and anchoring and things like that, like you create an anchor you can overcome different things when they pop up and they kind of bring you back to that anxious side you pop in like an NLP anchor that can actually tap you back into having a compensate of mine.

But one of the biggest things, the biggest ways of really doing this is to really just stepping out, step out of your comfort zone.

Do things that you kind of always wanted to do, but you were scared to do do those things without any regard like Have no fear and just dive right into those types of things.

Because that’s at the end of the day what what life is all about to me is actually fulfilling whatever type of quest or intrigue or mystery that is inside of you.

We all have a little bit of different, like take on this.

But fulfilling that is really the key in my eyes to not only being successful not only being happy not only being confident not only getting anxiety and depression out for good, but actually enjoying life to the fullest and living that type of life that you want.

So that’s why I put it all together.

That’s why I had to include it in the book at the end because it really is that important.

Yeah, dude.


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