Natural remedies for anxiety

You know, these are macronutrients.

There are bad ones, there are good ones.

So you just need to take a more refined approach and kind of understand like the science behind all this and I know for me, changing my diet was absolutely instrumental to and I’m curious for you like at the beginning of you know, when I asked you to share your story, You know, one of the things that you mentioned was confidence.

I’m curious, like, you know, and going through a lot of things in your book, you talk about loving yourself, you talk about improving your self image.

How does that kind of fit in when it comes to like, building your your overall confidence?

And then what have you seen it yourself through kind of doing this kind of development work on yourself?

What’s going to happen over like the last decade and then and then like what even people can expect from reading your book?

Because it sounds awesome.


So as far as confidence goes, and cultivating, there’s a number of ways to do it.

I mentioned that I put the anxiety and depression sections in the beginning of the book, for a reason and that is because like when you figure those things out, it kind of brings you back to a baseline.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is going to be incredible afterwards.

Although you do get a bit of a boost.

When you overcome things like that in your life, any type of hardship, you overcome it.

You have a confidence already there.

Because you’ve overcome shit, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be incredible afterwards.

But it does put you at a position where you can then take the next step.

And the next step after that is to start pushing yourself and doing things that you really want to do, because oftentimes, not always, but oftentimes, we get into a position of anxiety or depression or anything related to that.

Because we’re not living the life that we want to live.

We’re not doing the things that we want to do.

And so if we kind of continue to live the life we were living before, oftentimes, we can get back into that state of depression or anxiety because nothing’s changed.

But if you really want to take yourself to the next level, and you want to not only get rid of that anxiety and depression for good, but actually enjoy life, like you’ve never enjoyed it before, you got to start pushing yourself to do things that you like, fulfils you inside and your soul and your heart, the things that you really want to do.

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