Natural remedies for anxiety

And it’s like not just because it has a good amount of protein doesn’t mean it’s a good source of protein.

So you cut out all the crappy sources of protein, you get the lean sources, you get the cleaner, you know, the cleaner meats, and you know, if you’re vegetarian, you get the lentils and the beans and the chemo and things like that.

And then you cut out a lot of the extra sugar and you know the breads and all this stuff you don’t really need and your body doesn’t actually use It actually can be harmful, you look at things like gluten and dairy, and there’s a lot of associated problems that come with those.

So you cut out a lot of that crap and you start to realise that you’re taking the burden off your body and just freeing the energy you have when you have more energy in your body to, to to function, your mind feels better, your brain feels better the hormones, the neurotransmitters are processing better, you’re not being slugged and bogged down all the time by all this crappy food that your body can’t digest and all this inflammation that is causing you eliminate those things.

So you don’t do it overnight.

But you slowly eliminate those out of your life.

And everything just starts to function better.

And, you know, one of the biggest things you’ll you’ll see right away is a better focus, more energy, better mental health, less anxiety, less stress, and you know, overall sense of well being.

Yeah, man.


And, and yeah, I mean, I like it’s so interesting, because everyone kind of looks at health differently.

Everyone has a different viewpoint of it.

And I know for me like when I was growing up, I didn’t know anything.

about health at all.

I mean, I kind of, I guess, I guess that it was unhealthy, but I didn’t think it was that serious if everyone was doing it.

And so I just thought like, man, like, the more food I eat, the more you just gain weight, but I never actually knew that it affects so many other areas of your life.

It affects your your, like all the cells in your body and whatnot.

And yeah, I mean, I, I hate it.

I don’t hate it, but I hate it when people say like, Oh, dude, protein is the best or carbs are the worst or fat is the best, and it’s the worst or whatever.

And it’s just like, these are just macronutrients.

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