Natural remedies for anxiety

Like a, it’s almost like a fiction story, but it’s, you know, true, but the way it’s told is like in first person have an experience I had or something like that.

And then so, in the beginning of that, it was talking about how I was just eating a bunch of shit.

And one day I go to the McDonald’s and I ordered like everything on the menu.

And at the time, I mean, I’m a skinnier guy.

I was 130 pounds in high school.

You know, I was on the wrestling team.

I think my weight class is 135, which is ridiculous as a senior.

And I’m like, dude, I’m a skinny guy.

I was trying to bulk up at the time reading all these, you know, weightlifting magazines and stuff.

And, you know, basically, I knew it wasn’t 100% healthy, but I was like, I don’t really care because I don’t really know the side effects of eating like crap.

So I was just eating everything and just, you know, everything I could see I was eating probably 567 thousand calories a day, ridiculous amounts of stuff.

I end up going to McDonald’s was one day get everything on the menu.

Later that day, I go home and I get the sickest I’ve ever been in my entire life, like throwing up projectile vomiting and like just Disgusting for like 24 hours straight.

And then at that moment I realised, you know, the next day like, you know, I got to clean up my diet this isn’t working and I cleaned up my diet and without even really thinking like attaching the to my mental health improved almost right away when I started eating healthier and some of the things I did was just add more veggies in add more fruits and cut out all the bad sources of protein like, you know, you think of protein you go to like, you know, the grocery store and you pick out a bunch of like frozen meals and a bunch of shit you like back in the day and I’m sure a lot of people still do this.

You’re just immediately going to the protein content.

Oh 20 grammes of protein Oh, this is healthy.

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