Natural remedies for anxiety

And long story short, I went down a whole rabbit hole of figuring things out of trying things, throwing stuff against the wall, everything under the sun, self help relate and this was back, you know, 1012 years ago or so, when there wasn’t as much information as there is today with like Google and all these search engines like all

the previous broadcasts,

the podcasts, YouTube, everything.

Like we go on today, there’s so much great information.

There was a little bit of it back then.

But there wasn’t a tonne of it, but even a little bit there was back then it kind of gave me hope that I could figure something out.

And I just kept trying stuff and trying stuff and try.

And eventually, over the course of a few months, like say, three to four months, I started putting some things together, I tried a few different things and they started working slowly and it kind of gave me momentum and over the course of like the next year, by just having a little bit of momentum and having a little bit of hope.

I put a lot of things together and was able to pull myself out from that point forward ever since I overcame the anxiety and depression.

It was like I had a sense of confidence in myself and with this confidence.

I just started doing unbelievable things in my life and the happiness just follow that and the way I live in a follow that as well and all transpired from overcoming these two major hurdles.

Yeah, I love that.

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