Natural remedies for anxiety

I’m looking at your store right now on Amazon and dude, your prices are not bad at all this stuff is legit.

I’m getting like a like Amazon’s best choice for something your product recommends.

That’s so cool, dude.

Yeah, and and like again, it’s like Dude, I’ve like I go to like two weeks ago or not two weeks ago, last week.

When like a Wouldn’t a lot of this quarantine stuff was starting, I went to grocery store and I went to their supplements section and literally took me like a solid 15 minutes to find a supplement after looking over at all the ingredients to actually find one that is it filled with a tonne of crap.

And like I was so surprised like I was looking at some, some of them were like, yeah, includes like sugar.

I’m like, I’m trying to get a supplement about trying to kill myself or whatever.

So that’s that’s crazy, man.

I’m gonna have to try some of these out.

But dude, yeah, that’s that’s so awesome.

And I’m curious like to ask you in terms of like the in terms of like this bigger note of like understanding what you’re putting in your body, and like minerals and nutrients and all that stuff.

You have a chapter in your book that’s called the anti antidepressant diet or something or something like that.

I believe.

I’m curious, like how did that come about in your life.

So That one actually.

So every chapter actually has a story.

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