Natural remedies for anxiety

So like that was like the she kind of gave me that push that I needed to do it and then as far as like setting it up and stuff, it was a process to set it all up.

But um, you know, you want to make sure you have GMP certified facilities with something like an NSF that overlooks the the GMP, which is like the highest certification.

You don’t want to get your ship from China you don’t want to get you know, take the shortcut and buy cheap ingredients and you know this there’s people out there though you’d be surprised mark that this there’s some giant companies out there that even you know you go to the store like a you know, a mainstream Store, I don’t want to name any store brands.

But you know, you go to the big stores and you go on the shelf, through the most popular supplements, there are the shittiest ones, you would be surprised that they pay like 50 cents to make that supplement, they’re selling it for like 15 or 20 bucks, because they got the cheapest ingredients, they got it from China, they don’t really care about what’s in it.

And they just pump it out as fast as they can to sell as many bottles of the can to make you know more money.

I didn’t want to do that my profit margins aren’t even that great.

They’re decent as far as supplements go, but probably on the lower end because I get the highest end ingredients I get the highest quality of shit, which means it cost me more to make it so I get all these stuffs sourced from the right places I get to see always a certificate of analysis with every batch.

It makes sure it takes out all the heavy metals, the mould the pesticides, all the crap that a lot of places don’t even care about because they just want to pump you know more bottles.

I’m actually taking the time to put all these stuff into every batch that I make.

So I know that all my guys that you know order their ship are getting stuff that actually says it’s on that what’s on the bottle and they’re not getting all the crap that you don’t even know is in a lot of these Other products and you know, there’s always things that pop up there’s always little issues here and there and fires you have to put out and I stopped I started on Amazon so that’s a whole nother beast too with like, they got a lot of little regulations and things you got to worry about and they’re always changing stuff.

So I moved over to Shopify, and I do both.

But um, it’s kind of like, you know, balancing to two different entities and you got to kind of play around with both of them, but, you know, it’s been a game changer for me with my business.

And also, you know, the more I do it, the more I actually love it and the more I’m familiarising myself with it, the process becomes easier over time.

Dude, I’m so impressed, man.

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