Natural remedies for anxiety

Man I mean I’m so I’m curious to ask you like without, without obviously getting too much into it like, because that to me when I’m imagining that and I know how complex that stuff is.

And I know also the fact that it works, right?

Like, obviously not everything that everyone takes is gonna work the same for everyone.

But there are like, literally verified by like a tonne of scientific studies like fish oil, omega threes, a tonne of these magnesium, vitamin D, the B vitamins all this stuff.

Super, super important.

And again, it’s like you know, if you’re if you’re eating terribly, you know, and you just try your best you know, you like crap and you just take the supplements You know, you’re probably not gonna go too far.

But if you’re taking these things already off, like eating a healthy diet, which I’m which I’m sure we’ll go into these things can really really amplify and really help and like, it’s amazing and it’s a shame that not a lot of people know about these things.

They really is So I’m curious to ask you like when you’re running at a business level like, because that seems like a nightmare in terms of like how to source these things, how to make sure like, because if it was that easy, then every company would just do it.

So I’m curious without like, getting too much into it, because I’m sure we could do like a separate podcast, how do you?

How do you run this in terms of the sourcing?

How do you how do you like make sure what you’re selling to people is, is is good, and it’s like pure?


There there is a lot of different issues that come up with supplements since then selling supplement company and having a supplement company and even like three and a half years ago, whenever this idea, like came into my head, I’ve had my girlfriend at the time, I’m just like, telling her like, all the reasons why I should not get into the industry you should not like and then like, a couple days later, I’m just like, we’re just talking, I kind of put it in the back of my mind.

Like, I’m not gonna do this this, like it was a good idea.

But the more I think about it, it’s just one problem after another that’s going to pop off.

I don’t want to have to deal with this shit.

And I’m telling her like a few days later, we’re just talking And I’m like, we’re laying in bed or something I’m we’re talking about like stuff and then supplements start, like, come up as a topic and I just start, like rattling off like a bunch of shit.

That was like related to like supplements that like I was taken at the time and like that I loved and then she’s like, looks at me She’s like, dude, if there’s anybody who should do this supplement company, it’s you like stop being a baby and just fucking do it and I’m like, you know what, fuck it, you’re right.

I’m gonna do it.

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