Natural remedies for anxiety

So this was a few years after the whole elite mind experience of you know, when the book takes place, kind of but I started working At a vitamin store and just kind of really educated myself on some of the things in the vitamin store was kind of a you know, it was kind of shitty working there to be honest but I did learn a lot just by being there and being familiar with stuff and you know, trying stuff out I had some problems with like TB eyes and stuff like that concussions and I had various like tendinitis problems I mentioned to you.

I think the last podcast I had, yeah, they should have both my elbows and ended up like curing that which all these doctors said, I have to stop lifting.

Oh, by the way.

Yeah, I remember I told

you a friend of mine had that.

I sent me how to do it.

And I said to him, and he did the same thing.

He totally did it work.

Thank you.


for sending me that will be 100%

no problem, dude.

I was I mean, seriously, I’ve actually shared that same protocol with probably a dozen other people because I mentioned it on my show once, like in a snippet, and then like a bunch of people like Dude, I had that same problem.

I got like, 10 minutes here, and I’m like, Do try this out fucking works.

Let me know in a couple months I feel and they basically all said the same.

People didn’t reply back, but I’m pretty sure it worked for them, too.

But no, I mean, it actually works.

That protocol is incredible.

And then you add like things like anti inflammatories, like natural anti inflammatories, like say fish oil, or turmeric or, you know, boswellia Sarah peptides, there’s so many different ones out there, you can, you know, just play around with it.

But the point is, is like I’ve familiarised myself by doing these things and having to overcome things on my own over the course of like the last 10 years and a lot of the time I kept going back to vitamins, herbs, minerals, like natural compounds, and all these things that you know, you don’t hear about in mainstream media or mainstream medicine, this natural solutions out there man all over the place, I can’t being the owner of a company now I can’t sit here and tell you that this is gonna cure this and that and that guy just can’t legally say that.

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