Natural remedies for anxiety

And people who are stressed out and you know, people who have like ADHD brains and who have like they use more energy in their brains are going to have lower magnesium.

So magnesium is incredibly important.

It helps with GABA levels, which is the relaxing neurotransmitter in the brain, also Helps regulating things like serotonin and dopamine and glycine even when you’re going to sleep.

So it’s incredible for across the board anxiety, stress sleep, it helps with I mean, this is this is why I call it a wonder mineral because it helps with so many different things.

There’s no side effects at all, and it just does good and for so many ways in the body, you know, you take like, say, 400 milligrammes a day you’re good.

And there’s a bunch of other ones too, that go along with it too, like drinks are really incredible minerals as well, especially in you know, boosting your immune system times like this.

But there’s, you know, there’s so many important ones out there, but magnesium is my favourite because it’s the first one that I tried and it actually really helped me right away with my anxiety like, that was it was very impactful almost immediately, when I started taking it.

I was very comfortable taking it even back then because I did a lot of research and found that it was very, very safe and there’s there’s no side effects to I mean, it’s magnesium.

The worst you can do is if you take a tonne of it, you might have to go to the bathroom and have some loose stools.

But you know, that’s it.

Just don’t go crazy and take the whole bottle and you’ll be good if you take the right amount.

Yeah, yeah.

Before before, before we get into how you did it?

Yeah, I mean, magnesium is so so important.

I actually I mentioned in my book and I actually say that out of a lot of the minerals and supplements and nutrients and stuff.

Magnesium is one of those ones where if you take it, you see almost a very fast effect, not just for anxiety, but like you said, for sleep.

It’s absolutely crucial, man.

So I couldn’t agree with that more.

And so I’m curious ask you like, Where did like I’m assuming that you kind of you found the importance of like these minerals and supplements and that’s what led you to make your own or how did that story come about of kind of being an entrepreneur and doing this for your business?

Yeah, so I’ve always been into supplements and everything, but I didn’t really get into vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural compounds.

Until, you know, I was in my early 20s.

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