Natural remedies for anxiety

So that next time you go out in those stores, walk through those people, you’re almost kind of like simulating that environment but in your head and you’re seeing like that very clear contrast where thoughts are constantly coming up.

And you don’t eliminate them entirely.

But, but you realise that they’re, they’re coming and you kind of realise the nature behind it.

It’s super, super important.

So that next time when you’re like working on something, and then your brain starts to like, think about the future and stuff.

You just realise it quicker.

And you get back to you get back on track in the present.

Yeah, it’s a mental gym.

It’s just like one of the mental gym, everyone trains, you know that they’ll go to the gym three, four times a week and train their bodies, but few people actually train their minds in this way.

And it’s the same type of thing.

You got to actually practice this throughout the week.

Yeah, dude.

So I’m curious.

You have a you have a chapter in your book about you talk about a key mineral.

I’m curious to ask you like, you know, what is that people that listen to this podcast now?

I talk a lot about minerals and stuff.

And then I’m also curious, in terms of how you got kind of started, because I know that elite men also branched out into supplements now I’m curious, how did how did you get on that tractor?

So the first part of that is the key mineral is magnesium.

So anyone knows about magnesium it’s in the best forms are magnesium citrate or glycinate was the two really good ones.

And anyone that knows anything about magnesium knows, it’s the three, it’s involved in over 300 cellular processes.

So it works ubiquitously throughout the body.

It’s incredibly important for many, many cellular functions and, and different it’s a catalyst to for a lot of things to take place, but especially people who are anxious and 80% of the population in general, just average are deficient in magnesium because the soil levels have depleted they just don’t have them in the veggies and stuff that we eat today anymore like they used to.

So 80% off the bat are deficient in magnesium but people who are anxious or depressed that number is even way higher, it’s probably more like 99.

9% like, that’s how much people need magnesium when they’re facing things.

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