Natural remedies for anxiety

Those are all incredibly healthy ways to step into the present moment and do it Those more often and, you know, if you feel like your mind’s wandering, then you focus on your breath for a moment and you dial back in.

So you train yourself over time to actually be able to, to snap back into what you want to snap into.

It’s almost like somebody told me an analogy once where you’re walking like down the street, and there’s all kinds of stores and there’s distractions, and there’s people trying to sell you shit.

And that’s all the noise of the world.

And you’re trying to just go on that path and go straight and avoid all that shit.

You know, sometimes you want to get a little distracted, you want to go off and check out one of these stores or talk to one of these people.

That’s cool.

by meditating by learning how to step into the present moment, you’re training yourself to be able to focus on the road ahead of you the place that you really want to go and not have to get distracted all the time.

But all that noise out there.

It’s always gonna be there.

But by meditating, you’re able to, you know, better traverse it and go on your way.

Yeah, absolutely.

I mean, I think you know, I think if you don’t if you can’t put yourself in practice A moment that you just can’t even you can’t do anything, you know, because every you know, every time that you’re in the present moment, and you do something consciously, that’s going to come back to you in the future.

And that’s how people become successful.

And so I think that’s so important.

And yeah, I mean, I have my phone on Do Not Disturb at all times, except for certain people like on my favourites on my contacts where their texts and calls can come through.

Because like, the way that I think about it is I think, I don’t think necessarily having like having a phone is what can cause people to be out of the moment necessarily, but I think it amplifies it in terms of like, if you already have, you know, you’ve been living most of your life anxiously or depressed and you’re always in that future or the past, then I think your phone just perpetuates that and it almost kind of gives you like, evidence to like, look up or watch whatever your aunt you’re getting anxious about and actually show you in front of your eyes rather than it I’ll just be in your head.

And so I think it could definitely make it worse from that way, but yeah, I mean, I think meditation, meditation is definitely number one for getting people in the present moment.

Because I mean, we could go on and on about this, but meditation and like the most simplest ways, really, I think teaches your brain to, to disconnect from, from kind of the outside world.

And when you do that, you can kind of like create kind of like almost like this artificial environment, where it’s just you and your brain.

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