Natural remedies for anxiety

So there’s a number of ways to step into the present moment to to be present.

And I’ll be honest, it was actually a lot easier 1012 years ago than it is today.

You know, for obvious reasons, cell phones, smartphones, social media, all this shit, notifications, you know, just constantly going off and so I tell people today, one of the biggest things is putting the phone down and putting it away from you just getting it out of your sight or muting it like oftentimes I’ll keep it on.

When I’m sleeping overnight.

It’s off.

It’s it’s on aeroplane mode and it’s on Do Not Disturb.

So I’m not getting anything going on like during the day and I put it away for me just to get it out because people, I see this all the time, they’ll have it right next to their bed and they have it on and they’re getting buzzed all night long and their sleep just getting messed up, which adds to the problem.

But I mean, like, even during the day, I’ll oftentimes put it on Do Not Disturb.

And just, you know, put it on the charger and leave it alone for a few hours.

And like that’s, it’s one big piece of getting that out.

So you’re not constantly thinking about notifications, not like, you have to like stop yourself and because that brings you out of the present moment, it brings you into thinking about something else and you know, then your mind is distracted and so on.

But just in general, like, like general ways to tap into the present moment, is practising gratitude.

Meditation is obviously a big one.

And meditation can be tricky for some people to get into if they haven’t been doing it for a while, but it’s as simple as just focusing on on like your breath for two minutes or five minutes.

You know, it’s you don’t need like a 2030 minute meditation session to feel like you know, you’ve done something even a couple of minutes of consciously thinking about your breath is all, all the present moment is, is you being aligned with, like focus, like like directing your focus on one thing being aligned with the moment at the time.

And that could be anything.

And another few easier ways to step into the present moment is to do things you really enjoy.

That’s why a lot of people become like daredevils, or that you know, like speed demons, and they do all these crazy things because that gets them or even, like in a bad way, like alcoholic alcoholics or drug addicts or people that rob banks or commit crimes, they’re all stepping into the present moment that just doing it in a destructive way.

You can do, you can step you can do it in a constructive way.

By doing things you really enjoy things that really fulfil you spending time with loved ones, spending time with your wife, your girlfriend, your spouse, spending time with your kids, doing something really fun, like playing a sport, basketball, you know, I love basketball.

I would love to do that jujitsu wrestling, those types of things.

Anything that you love, where it forces you to be fully in that moment in active.

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