Natural remedies for anxiety

And then when you actually begin to, like, realise that this is a thing in the world, that a lot of people also go through.

You’re like, Oh, wow.

So for me, it kind of became like a almost like a, like a like a like a project, like a science project that you can just begin to work on once you kind of understand to see what it is and then Also like what other people have done.

And you know, I’m curious to ask you about when you’re talking about you’re speaking in the moment, and kind of living in that present moment.

You know, that’s, that’s what I think when you when you hit rock bottom, or also when you Yeah, when you hit rock bottom, I think it forces you to be in the present moment.

And I think that’s why a lot of people’s journeys and stories start from them hitting rock bottom then just kind of like being snapped out of kind of whatever trance that they were in.

And then you think like, Oh my God, I’ve been I’ve been living my life this way, for the last 2020 years.

23 years, never, in the moment always just like freaking out about everything or always just regretting the past and all this stuff.

And so I’m curious to ask you like, I think there’s a big difference between like, if someone were to hear that right now of what you said, and if they’re in that, I feel like it’s not necessarily the like, the easiest thing to actually Go from, like realising that to actually living in the in the present moment, like for real, not just kind of just like having that information, you know what I mean?

So, like, how do you like, what do you what did you have to what did you have to do to actually get yourself to live in the present moment?

If anything? Yeah.

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